Lirik Lagu Pink Rockstar – Yb Pluus Records

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Berikut lirik lagu Pink Rockstar dipopulerkan oleh band Pluus Records yang kami bagikan untuk anda para pecinta musik Indonesia.

dont go callin up my phone
i just wanna be alone
yuh yuh

all she wanna do is moan
bitch u know im in my zone
yuh yuh
yea she dancin on the pole
tellin me stories i dont wanna know

people say that im cold
it’s just these bitches so boring

Yeah I do just what I want
Look at me bitch I’m gone
I’m the king see my throne
All she wanna do is moan

head cold, eyes red
thick bitch gimme head
leave somethin on her neck
the next thing u know, she wanna come back
Im better but im still the same
the guy with a plan in his brain
i might be a little insane (yeah)
but tell me one genius who ain’t?
ditch the hate coz they gotta go
get a hunnid mil from a fuckin show
only want a good girl right beside me
hakuna matata on me
yea im spendin but im lowkey
we high shit,
no mob shit
we pop shit,
we too lit
aint nobody else gon top this yuh

Now she wanna suck my dick
the doctor said i should cut the fat,
on a diet but im eatin chicks

it’s boring how everything’s easy
u savin’ up for that yeezy
im savin up for my spouse
dont talk to me u aint got no clout

lookin animated but this shit for real
Yo this aint a job just for the thrill
My life is boring coz when i make a mil
I dont even count it i just pay the bills

Issa rolls royce on my next list
I dont ever wanna fuck a fake bitch
I want budget dont want no make shift
It’s a thousand dollars on a dash bitch yuh

Semoga dengan adanya lirik lagu Pink RockStar ini dapat membantu anda untuk menghafal lagu band Yb Pluus Records ini dengan cepat.       

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