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Lirik Lagu Don’t Look Back Killing Me Inside

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Nada Indo – Berikut lirik lagu Don’t Look Back yang dipopulerkan Killing Me Inside yang kami bagikan untuk anda para pecinta musik Indonesia.

And the story begin
When you try to get my heart
In this moment I’m so bright
Because days come and go so fast
And I’ll never let you go
So I don’t want to looking back
Cause we’re fuck up and so bad
Can we forget
I’m sorry I’ll take all the blame
Just close your eyes
I’m sorry we can go away

A can’t forget the way I feel inside
I’m thinking for another breath
I promise I want let you down
I promise that well be just fine
Together we broke all the rules
Remember all tears that we throw

Semoga dengan adanya Lirik Lagu Don’t Look Back, ini dapat membantu anda untuk menghafal lagu Killing Me Inside ini dengan cepat.

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